What’s on the menu?

The Holy Hound is not a full service restaurant.  Instead, we offer a simple selection of eats.  We use fresh foods prepared right in our neighborhood by local vendors. Order your food and beer from your bartender, and we’ll promptly deliver your order to your table.


For those with a hearty appetite, we have a variety of offerings such brats, brisket sandwiches, homemade macaroni and cheese, soups, and chili. Also available are munchies and lighter fare like fresh salsa, or our house made spinach artichoke dip. Fresh brownies are on hand for your sweet tooth.  The kitchen is open every day until close, so your appetite for beer and food will always be satisfied.


Frequent flyers…or what you might find.

    • Beef brisket sandwich with chips ~ $6
    • Pork BBQ sandwich with chips ~ $6
    • Beer brat with chips ~ $4
    • Macaroni & cheese ~ $4
    • Hot Crab Dip with Soft Pretzels ~ $8.50
    • Spinach-artichoke dip served with tortilla chips and bread ~ $7.50
    • Salsa & chips ~ $4
    • Soft pretzels ~ $3   Add cheese sauce for $1
    • Chicken chili ~ c $4 / b $6
    • Brownies ~ $3




Partners around town…

Holy Hound has partnered with Stadium Grille and Di Carlo’s Pizza to bring you more dining options. Menus are available at the bar. If you see something you like, give them a call to order and they’ll deliver it right to you at the Hound.


And if you’re craving a pork sandwich from Baron Von Schwein…but they’re closed?  Look no further than our kitchen.  It’s the only place to get the Baron after hours.


Local businesses supporting local businesses…Right on.